Research has proven that the design of an interior space that we spend a portion of our life in can have a tremendous impact on our mental health and emotional wellbeing. Whether it’s a short term stay at a hotel or longer stays as in your home or senior living facilit...

Texture can be a powerful design tool if used properly. Texture can be defined as the surface quality of a material. It adds interest to a space, reinforces the design concept, adds scale, modulates light, and helps differentiate objects and surfaces from each other.


Having a good understanding of volume with positive and negative space would be the start of figuring out how to transform your space into the inviting retreat that you always imagined. Volume can either be solid (positive space that has mass and appears to occupy spac...

Have you ever wondered why fast food chains often are brightly colored with red and yellow? These colors tend to stimulate our appetite to the benefit of the restaurant.

When selecting colors in your space, you want to consider the feelings and emotions they evoke. In...


Have you ever entered someones home and wondered why the photos are mounted so high that they are practically on the ceiling? 

This scenario happens quite often. Homeowners would like to display their photos and artwork in the best possible light but many times this eff...

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Is Interior Design Affecting Your Health?

February 6, 2019

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