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Hiring an interior designer doesn't have to be time consuming and complicated. Whether you want to redesign your space using what you already have or want to do a complete refresh, whether you live in a house, apartment, or condo, YL Designz can provide you with a timeless and cohesive designs that will give you the ideal space that you've been longing for. 

YL Designz provides the Inbox Interior design service that allows you to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. Just follow our simple 3 step design process and in a few short weeks, you will receive your custom room design package straight to your inbox ready for your implementation.

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" YL Designz was very responsive and professional throughout the project. We felt like we were the focus of YL Designz  at every step of the execution. They provide a highly professional service that we would recommend."_ Senes Sanon (Client)

Finishing Touches

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Finishing out the design of your space with decorative accents contribute to the elegance of your space by bringing that touch of sparkle. Yannette Lebrun makes her handmade resin artwork available to her customers to provide that finishing touch.

These abstract glam paintings and designer coasters are just what you need to complete your newly designed space.


I strive to design spaces that trigger an emotional connection by bringing 

 you a sense of 

comfort, security, interest and most of all joy


At YL Designz we value Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity and Customer Service

We are committed to making timeless and innovative designs attainable by all. See how

YL Designz can get you the dazzling interior you've always imagined.



Interior Design Business Organizing 



Are your interior design business processes in order? Is your workflow different for every customer and you want to have a consistent and effective process? Are you starting a new design business and looking to setup your processes the best way right from the start? You have come to the right place. YL Designz will help you organize your interior design businesses systems and processes which will help you gain mental clarity which will result in your business working more efficiently and more profitably.

How we work


Through the YLD Business School we will audit and assess your current process and then determine what is working and what is not. We will recommend industry standard processes that will benefit your organization as well as help you create custom solutions to fit your unique business needs. In addition to this service, you will have access to our core business form templates such as:

Project File Format

Residential Design Contract

Residential Design Process Checklist

Commercial Design Contract

Commercial Design Process Checklist

E-Design Contract

E-Design Process Checklist

Client Questionnaires 

Client Welcome Letter

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Join the Commercial Interior Design Club

A FREE private membership group from the YLD Business School for design students, interior design business owners and career professionals who are looking for continuous mentorship and support in their journey as a commercial designer. This group will serve as a resource to you as you develop your career and business in the industry. Learn from Yannette along with the diverse group of designers with experience in the commercial design industry.

Join The Commercial Interior Design Club

Join The Commercial Interior Design Club

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